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Rapala / Toby Lure Retriever Rescue Tool Kit

Rapala / Toby Lure Retriever Rescue Tool Kit

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Tired of loosing you valuable lures?

Than get them back with this lure rescue tool kit. With todays high tech prized lures you can not afford to loose lure after lure. Retrieve your sport fishing spoons, spinners and baits with this rescue tool and save hundred of pounds.

The chain weight fits over your fishing line and slides down to your lure, the chains tangle up with the hooks of your lure and with just a few steps it will bring you back your lost lure. Now you can fish around submerged structures and heavy vegetation – become more confident without the fear of loosing your perfect lure.

Kit also includes grappling hook for throwing into surrounding trees or branches where you may have snagged a lure which is just out of reach.

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