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New Daiwa Waist Bag / Fishing Bag / Pack - DWP-1

New Daiwa Waist Bag / Fishing Bag / Pack - DWP-1

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Perfect for the mobile lure or fly angler, this multi layered waist pack combines soft and hard shell compartments (3), for small boxes, wallets, packets and accessories. Each feature a mix of internal pouches and a ridged storage foam pad (main) for drying off lures and flies. Also featured is a built in retractable zinger and two reinforced lugs for other add-ons. Two mesh side pouches each allow for a short water bottle. A comfortable, adjustable waist strap and detachable neoprene neck strap ensure secure and easy wearing.

Features -

Super compact storage innovation for on the move.

Wear round waist, off neck or just carry.

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