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New Daiwa J-Braid X4 Fishing Line 135m Spool - All Colours & Breaking Strains

New Daiwa J-Braid X4 Fishing Line 135m Spool - All Colours & Breaking Strains

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J-Braid X4

The J-Braid story continues with the arrival of X4, four strand construction.

Made in Japan and maintaining the round profile feature of the X8 version, J-Braid X4 is available from 0.07mm up to 0.33mm. The colour choice ranges across yellow, dark green and multi coloured in various spool size options.





Model   b/s         diameter             spool     rrp

JB4E0.07-135Y    5.5lbs/2.6kgs      0.07mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.10-135Y    9lbs/3.8kgs         0.10mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.13-135Y    13lbs/5.9kgs       0.13mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.15-135Y    15lbs/6.9kgs       0.15mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.17-135Y    19lbs/8.4kgs       0.17mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.19-135Y    23lbs/10.2kgs     0.19mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.21-135Y    27lbs/12.4kgs     0.21mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.25-135Y    32lbs/14.4kgs     0.25mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.29-135Y    41lbs/18.6kgs     0.29mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.33-135Y    50lbs/22.4kgs     0.33mm                135m     £9.99





Model   b/s         diameter             spool     rrp

JB4E0.07-135DG                5.5lbs/2.6kgs      0.07mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.10-135DG                9lbs/3.8kgs         0.10mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.13-135DG                13lbs/5.9kgs       0.13mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.15-135DG                15lbs/6.9kgs       0.15mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.17-135DG                19lbs/8.4kgs       0.17mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.19-135DG                23lbs/10.2kgs     0.19mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.21-135DG                27lbs/12.4kgs     0.21mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.25-135DG                32lbs/14.4kgs     0.25mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.29-135DG                41lbs/18.6kgs     0.29mm                135m     £9.99

JB4E0.33-135DG                50lbs/22.4kgs     0.33mm                135m     £9.99



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