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Ian Golds Double Cup Luminous 16" - Model No DCPLM16

Ian Golds Double Cup Luminous 16" - Model No DCPLM16

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DOUBLE HEAD LUMINOUS Luminous version. Fits all rod rests. Revolves to lay parallel for easier transporting. Long arm should be faced into wind or tide to prevent rod blowing out of rest.





Ian Golds has been fishing since he was knee high to a crab, and
mixes a huge amount of practical fishing knowledge with the
expertise that comes from international Match fishing.
Ian’s impressive career to date includes 19 England caps, four
times gold, triple silver, triple bronze medallist and individual
silver. Plus Sea Angler Penn League winner, and many more!
Ian has translated all of this knowledge into a range of gear
that matches up to his success and you will be proud to own.

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