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Daiwa Prorex TG Cover Jig

Daiwa Prorex TG Cover Jig

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Daiwa Prorex Tg Multi Jig

Multiple options

Material: tungsten

Modern jig for perch, zander and bass

Hook guard

Perfect for fishing vegetation

Football head

Keeper for a trailer

Environmentally friendly

Wide attractive skirt

Perfect for casting, jigging, pitching and flipping


A top quality jig is a must-have for every angler who enjoys using modern techniques to fish for perch, zander and bass. The Multi Jig from Daiwa is a fantastic all-round lure that can be used to catch different species with a variety of techniques such as jigging, pitching and flipping. The weed guard makes the Multi Jig a great lure for fishing cover. Perfect for summer! The Multi Jig also features a keeper that perfectly secures your trailer.

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