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Daiwa Prorex Spinner Bait

Daiwa Prorex Spinner Bait

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This small spinnerbait with Willow blade is the proper choice for fishing for perch as well as for targeting pikes.

Especially in shallow areas with weedy ground these lures fully come into play, since they produce drastically fewer losses than other lures. The elongated Willow shape is perfectly suited for faster retrieving.

The Prorex tandem Spinnerbait with 21g is the right choice for targeting pikes as well as for fishing for large perch and asp.

The special head shape ensures an extremely stable action at all speeds. Both blades rotate during the sinking phase and provoke many bites especially at these moments.

The premium hook is equipped with a hook keeper for rigging additional teasers like small shads (up to 12cm), or twisters – perfect for large perch. The rubber band at the wire enables fishing without tangling at retrieving stops while the premium ball bearing swivel ensures an optimal action of the spinner blade during the sinking phase.


Easy to fish with simple retrieve

Good helicopter action during fall

Perfectly suited to fish in shallow areas or in between weed beds


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