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Daiwa Prorex Pelagic Shad

Daiwa Prorex Pelagic Shad

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The body shape of this shad with V-tail is based on the well-known and extremely successful Duckfin shad from the DAIWA range. The hydro-pins at the body produce vibrations even at slightest movements of the rod and are of a special advantage at pelagic fishing for Zander and Pike, when the lure should be presented in a more calm way. A glass rattle has been integrated within the tail of the lure, which additionally is provoking attacks due to the slight "click" sounds.

The extra-soft rubber formulation contains real shrimp flavour, giving added attraction. Applicable for pelagic and vertical fishing as well as casting.

Same body shape as Duckfin shad. V-Tail works well on Pelagic, Vertical and casting methods
Hydro hand pins on the surface for small vibrations and movement
Rattle inside tail
Shrimp flavour for an enhanced strike rate
Extra soft material for easy inhalation
14cm: 3 pieces per package
19 cm: 2 pieces per package
21.5 cm: 2 pieces per package

Prorex Pelagic Shad

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