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Daiwa Prorex Lazy Jerk 90SS Yellow Shiner - PXLZJ90SS-YS

Daiwa Prorex Lazy Jerk 90SS Yellow Shiner - PXLZJ90SS-YS

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The Lazy Jerk 90SS (9cm slow-sinking) impresses by its optimal action and its extremely good casting performance. This classic jerk doesn’t need strong strokes of the rod to present its action, but is swinging laterally even during steady retrieving. During twitching and also within the sinking phase, it is flanking laterally and thus provides an outstanding action.

This slow sinking jerk is perfectly made for slow lure presentation in shallow waters of about 80cm and for fishing over weedy areas.

Features -

Hard jerkbait

Extremely good casting performance

Slow sinking with strong flanking

Perfect to attract fish during retrieve-stops

Suitable for shallow water fishing

3D Prorex eyes


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