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Daiwa Prorex Insert Glass Rattle / sizes: 3 - 7mm / for soft baits

Daiwa Prorex Insert Glass Rattle / sizes: 3 - 7mm / for soft baits

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The new Daiwa Aqua Dry boat features two fabulous innovations. The water repellent mesh ensures that the net is less absorbent to water and fish slime. Added to that is the patented design of locating the mesh edge inside a concealed channel around the frame. This protects the net from contact with abrasive surfaces and unseen obstacles. Designed to serve all styles of fishing the 65cm wide frame and knotless mesh will accommodate carp, pike and salmon. Thanks to the hexagonal aluminium construction and locking collar, the net will extend from 156cm to a long 230cm allowing easy reach and coverage.




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Daiwa has been making making fishing rods here in Lanarkshire since 1977 and now occupies an 8,000 square metre factory employing over 100 highly skilled Scottish craftsmen and craftswomen . The 'Made in Scotland' label on a Daiwa fishing rod is regarded worldwide as a sign of the highest quality and rods produced here in Scotland are sold and used in almost every country in the world (Take a video tour click here)

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