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Daiwa Prorex Hybrid Trout slow sinking 9" 120g lure

Daiwa Prorex Hybrid Trout slow sinking 9" 120g lure

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With its size of 23cm the Prorex Hybrid Trout is just the right snack for large pikes and zanders. The nature-like body silhouette combined with the 3D live print lead to a highly realistic design, which is hard to distinguish from a real trout. Already at slow speed, this lure features a vivid action, which perfectly imitates a hurt prey fish. At somewhat higher speed this lure strongly flanks and thus causes strong blast vibes in the water.
The highlight of this lure are the interchangeable diving lips. The shallow diving lip brings this lure to a depth of about 1.8m, while the large diving lip results in a diving depth of almost 3m. The diving lips can be simply plugged in via a lateral slot. Thanks to the special design, loosening of the lip or even losses of the lip during the fight with the fish are prevented.
The Prorex Hybrid Trout 230SS is delivered ready-to-fish. The 60lbs steel wire withstands the teeth of numerous pikes and provides the necessary security at large specimen. With its weight of 120g, this lure is the proper choice for casting as well as trolling at speeds of ca. 2.2km/h to 5km/h. Spare tails are available at an affordable price, if the plastic part of the lure has to be exchanged after numerous pike attacks. Thanks to the special shape and design the spare tail can be precisely glued to the head without getting out of place (recommendation: Loctite glue type 406).
- Slow Sinking
- Diving depth: 1.8m/ 2.8m

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