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Daiwa 24 TDR QD Match Coarse Fishing Reel - All Models

Daiwa 24 TDR QD Match Coarse Fishing Reel - All Models

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Iconic, yes. Better, yes. Blue, you bet yes.

The original TDR was launched in 2006 and it nailed its colours right away. The performance of smoothness and power just left anglers in awe.

That reputation has been maintained through three previous TDR families, including the arrival of the first 4012 size in 2014. Today, the 4012 still retrieves 87cm per handle turn.

The 24 TDR family is still built upon an aluminium body, so the drive and pinion stay perfectly aligned when rotating under stress. This combined with Digigear II and 7BB delivers a superior level of smoothness throughout.

Power and smoothness also comes from the AIRDRIVE Rotor and Bail. The rotors spherical shape perfectly displaces load and the lighter but rigid Zaion V material makes sure it gets moving with minimum lag, so the reel winding responsiveness is now even higher.

Modern features such as the HIP line clip and QD Quick Drag assist with distance control and fish playing whilst the folding handle and spare spool finish off float and feeder perfection.  

Features –




Aluminium Body

QD Quick Drag

LC-ABS Spool

HIP Line Clip

Infinite Anti-Reverse

Digigear II

Twistbuster 3

Cross Wrap

Spare Spool Supplied

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