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Daiwa 23 Super Spod 45 SCW Superspod Fishing Reel - 23SSP45SCW

Daiwa 23 Super Spod 45 SCW Superspod Fishing Reel - 23SSP45SCW

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The Super Spod reel is a direct replacement for our very popular and well-respected EMBLEM Spod reel. The new Super spod incorporates some very important upgrades compared to the old EMBLEM model.

During comparison tests we realised how much of an advantage the 45mm spool made to the distance that can be achieved compared to the spool size and shape of the original EMBLEM spod. We found the new 45mm spool size can add 10-15m on to your cast.

On the Super Spod we have increased the number of Ball Bearings from 4 on the current EMBLEM spod to 6 making the reel a lot smoother.

With changing the body and rotor material we have made the reel 70gr lighter at 620gr compared to the 690gr on the old EMBLEM spod. This makes the constant casting and retrieving when spodding easier and less demanding for the angler.

Line is retrieved at 118cm per turn of the handle which will make light work of reeling in a spod at range.

Ratio – 5.5:1, Crank – 118cm, B/B – 6, Line Capacity – 300m/0.35mm, Weight – 620g, Drag – 15kg

Features –

45mm LC Long Cast Spool

Slow Cross Wrap

QD(M) Quick Drag 

2x HIP Line Clips

DS4 Body

Zaion V Air Rotor

One-Touch Folding Handle

Digigear II

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