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Bison Marine 2 Part Contact Adhesive for Hypalon Ribs and Boats

Bison Marine 2 Part Contact Adhesive for Hypalon Ribs and Boats

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Bison Marine 2 Part Adhesive is one of the best neoprene based contact adhesive available. This is a 250 ml set with Part A (adhesive) and Part B (activator). It can be used on all watersports fabrics from Hypalon? (for repairing a RIB/ inflatable boat or a flat roof) to neoprene and trilaminate diving suits. Also good for leather, rubber, latex, many coated fabrics and much more. 
Experienced customers have said that Bison Marine 2 part Adhesive is technically better and more cost effective than Bostik 2402 and Evode 8000.
Mix the contents of the Part B bottle with the Part A thoroughly before applying the glue. They are supplied in the correct proportions.
Clean the surfaces to be glued. First remove mud and grime with soap and water. Then degrease with a solvent, depending on the substrate you can use, Isopropl alcohol, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Acetone or Toluene. Do NOT use White Spirit or Turpentine. You can lightly sandpaper the surface to provide a good "key" for the glue. Apply a think layer of glue to each surface to be bonded. Allow the glue to become touch dry. Apply a second layer on top, and allow to become touch dry. Carefully position the parts and then firmly press them together. Apply strong pressure over every part of the bonded surface. The bond will develop full strength after 24 hours, however 85% of bond strength is achieved after 1 hour.

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