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Vac Rac Car Rod Rack Holder - Standard (Multi)

Vac Rac Car Rod Rack Holder - Standard (Multi)

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Standard Vacuum Rack 
The Original Vacuum Rod Rack - Designed 1990
12 years continuous production

Non magnetic – Fits all vehicles – Aluminium, Steel, Plastic
• Height - 5.25 inches – 13.5 cm  Width - 8 inches (20cm)
• Holds up to 4 rods
• Soft suction bases
• Pillar mounted support for reel clearance
• Wrap round cords ensure rods are firmly held
• T recess for easy shock cord unclipping
• In tests, each rack has lifted in excess of 40kg
• Bonnet to roof mounting avoids the major cause of snapped rods, lifting hatchbacks and tailgates
• Supplied with base protector lids

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