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Daiwa Carpa Loaded Balsa Pellet Waggler Range

Daiwa Carpa Loaded Balsa Pellet Waggler Range

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Carpa Balsa Pellet Wagglers are designed around Will Raisons original tried and tested designs. He has hand made dozens of versions, eventually perfecting the flight shape and float to load ratio in three sizes.Each features hi-viz built in flights and a fully loaded brass base. Easily adjusted, the base also carries a lightweight splash disc (and spare) to halt the float diving.Balsa is recognised to offer excellent buoyancy and stability, especially when windy; a must for effective bait presentation and a high catch rate.The natural wood look is protected by a low glare varnish which we have kept to a minimum to protect the casting balance of the floats.Available in 7g, 9g and 11g

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