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Bison 48v 3kw 6HP Brushless Electric Outboard Motor DA400

Bison 48v 3kw 6HP Brushless Electric Outboard Motor DA400

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Bison DA400 series, performance electric outboard engine, patented brushless motor. The unique maintenance free 48v 3000w high-performance brushless power, is the equivalent of a 6Hp traditional motor

Safety mag lock - When the operator accidentally falls into the water, the magnetic buckle will be cut off and shut down the motor to avoid injury

Marine efficient controller

Sinusoidal DC brushless motor

High efficiency motor unit

Maintenance free underwater motor, anti-corrosive anode protection

Stable system, high-performance

Stepless speed control, power surging

Applied to all kinds of small boats

Environmental protection

Please note batteries are not included.
We have tested this motor using 4x 85AH 12 leisure batteries

Product Parameters
Model DA400
Operating mode
- Handle control
Supply voltage 48v
Maximum current 75A
Power 3000W Benchmark gasoline motors equivalent 6Hp
Speed (km/h) 12
Maximum speed (RPM) 2000
Recommended Battery Size 48V-100AH


Bison DA400 electric outboard motor

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